Ray Tracing Reflections

Hi all,
Here is a simple setup lit by just a skylight with a specified cubemap. Reflections with the PathTracer are awesome. But there is a huge difference in the reflection quality from path tracing to ray tracing, even with hight value in PPV Ray Tracing Reflection settings (max bounces = 5 & SPP = 5. I didn’t notice any improvment with higher values…)
Any advices to get Ray Tracing Reflection similar to Path Tracing? What can I do to improve it?

Wait, Path tracer and Raytracing are two different things? I am little confused, could you elaborate more info on that? I thought the path tracer is part of the raytracing features?

Path Tracing is another algorithm to calculate data by casting rays. This is intended to provide us some ground truth references images (like should do offline renderers).

I understand, I did a little bit researching on this. It seems that Path-Tracing is quite experimental which probably is the reason that the reflections are not the same.…ing/PathTracer if you see in this link, there is a picture that shows the differences between Raytracing and Path-tracing. There you will notice that the reflections are also different. Also there it says that some materials and lighting features arent supported, could be that the reflections are part of the unsupported features.

You could try to use SSR for the Path-Tracing instead real time reflections (by changing the reflection type inside PPV to Screen Space) but… I dont know what you are trying to do tbh.

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