Ray Tracing docs

The ray tracing docs need more content / detailed descriptions of the different settings, and how they function with raster. One of the major problems I keep encountering and seeing posted in the forums is whether the results from baking are from ray tracing or raster lighting, as in, how to discern which parts of the results are RT and which have raster results. This is especially important because UE has a combination of ray tracing and raster when utilizing ray tracing in its different forms / features.

Another help to instruction in ray tracing could be creating a simple table that provides base values for World Lightmass and Ray Tracing in a number of scene types (ArchViz interior / exterior, FPS / TPS, Product Configuration / Viewing, landscapes, etc). It doesn’t need to include the Volumetric Lightmap settings, or most/all of the RT cvars and other cvars. Those could be a part of a different figure or explanation of how to get a scene started with ray tracing, and not have an exceptional level of degraded quality in the results of a few initial bakes.

Finally, more information is needed of how to properly start a dynamic-only, real-time scene with ray tracing lighting and effects (mainly Reflections, Translucency, GI, AO, and Shadows). All this is connective to the raster form of the particular feature. It doesn’t need to go into super-deep detail, but a succinct, well-explained (as in readable and not overly technical or verbose) doc page is a huge time-and-effort saver.

Currently, it’s become more than a nuisance to try and figure out what works and what doesn’t because most of the time I and others are attempting to fix ‘bugs’ or problems with the rendering results, sometimes even before doing a render or changing tons of settings to correct things. It’s like a massive maze for which an end / exit disappears at its own discretion, quite often when happening upon a potential solution.

Hey presto423! Thanks for taking the time to type out this feedback. I’ll pass this along to the rest of the docs team and see what they say. While I don’t know our exact plans for ray tracing documentation, I know it’s an exciting topic and that more documentation around it can only be a good thing. If I learn anything new I’ll try and hop in hear with an update. In the meantime, we really appreciate your help and let us know if you think of anything else we can do to improve the docs.

It’d probably make it easier for UE developers, those working for Epic and indies, to help with more complex and specific issues.