Ray tracer / path tracer and showMaterialSection

Hello there,

We are doing a crowd plugin (Golaem), and we handle the mesh diversity by showing / hiding meshes via the ShowMaterialSection of USkeletalMeshComponent.

Our customers are more and more demanding of ray tracer / path tracer capabilities, and we have hit an issue with this method : the ShowMaterialSection clearly seems ignored in ray tracing / path tracer mode. Is there other options to handle meshes enable/disable based on materials, for path tracer ?

As a side question, we have some issues about enabled GPU skin cache (mandatory for path tracer) and a medium - big amount of skeletal meshes (a few hundreds), the performance dropped quite a bit. I have tried to mitigate this by increasing the cache size from 128 to 1024 or 2048, but it won’t do the trick when reaching hundreds of it. Is there any option left to us to improve that ?

Thank you

Up about this issue if anyone has some clues of how we could fix this !