Ray traced distance field soft shadows don't work

I turn on Generate Mesh Distance Fields in project settings.
And when i turn on Ray traced distance field soft shadows in movable point light all shadows disabled.

Same project with same UE4 version work in another computer.

Hi Allien,

Are you using an AMD card by chance? If so, we currently have two tickets in JIRA with Distance Fields not working with this GPU. One of the tickets is some info on the bug from AMD that should help us get a workaround, but that ticket is still listed as “ToDo” and with the developers on holiday break I won’t be able to check any further until their back in early January.

If you’re not using an AMD card, can you link your DXDiag here along with what version of the engine you’re currently using?

Thank you!


For reference, this was posted on the Forums as well here: PROBLEM: Ray traced distance field soft shadows don't work. - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

Yes i use Radeon R9 290. Thanks for the answer , I’ll wait for a fix.