Ray of sight

What does it do, and how do you use it? Can we get a sneak peak of the documentation for this feature?

Hi Aaron,

ray-of-sight applied to 2D view is actually epipolar geometry. Images must be already registered.

Here is what epipolar geometry is

What it does - When you place the mouse cursor to [x,y] in some image view, app will cast a ray starting at camera center passing through the image pixel [x,y]. It is essentially a 3D line. Then we project this line to the other images, apply lens distortion and render them as curves. Check wikipedia for illustration and you will also find why you actually see more lines.

A question is, what is it good for? - it is a great tool for verifying registration precision and also for finding matches. In fact, if you point to some corner, then the line in some other image must pass through that corner too. If it does not then it means the registration is not precise there. So you can add a control point to tell the system, it should be passing through.

Wow. Yet another brilliant feature! Thanks for explaining.