Rawb0ts - The Awekening

Rawb0ts: The Awekening.
The original video was made in three different scenes, but I managed to bring everything into one Master Sequence. I exported a .wav file just to show you the video with sounds.

Compressed version on youtube (no-sound)
Uncompressed original version from UE5
Student Submission: No.

Credits to sourced content:

  • Almost everything is from Quixel/Megascans.
  • Atomic bomb, some boxes, rawb0ts parts modeled by me.
  • Smoke effect, particles from UE
  • Fire effect from “Realistic Starter VFX Pack Vol 2” by FX Cat UA.
  • Music & sound effects from Envato (I have the right to use them).

Something is happening in an abandoned warehouse, in an unknown location.
A new breed of monsters is rising. A demon is taking control of some plastic toys…

2021 was like “I’m the worst year”.
2022 is like “hold my beer”.

(the zero logo on the green drape is made by me, no copyright infringement).

Engine version