"RAW INPUT" option for us none coders?

I really think that the way the unreal engine has handled input since UE3 has felt really sloppy.
I would love to feel like I had 1:1 input into the engine from the mouse.
No matter what combination of Sensitivity, Scale and Exponent I use I cannot get the mouse to feel sharp responsive.

Also this is hindered by the frame limit on none “smooth frame rate” settings.

I really hope you can find it in your heart to give me this one feature! lol

You can disable mouse smoothing in the Advanced properties of the Mouse Properties section in your project’s Input Settings.
In the Input Settings you can also set the Sensitivity and Exponent to 1 in the Axis Config section.

Finally there is an Enable FOV Scaling property in the player input. However, now that I look at it, that property really needs to be moved to the InputSettings too so it can be edited in the project settings which I will do right away (which means it will make it in to the 4.2 build)

Even with the Exponent set to 1 I can still feel something lowering the speed during fast movements (some sort of smoothing) with smoothing turned off.
Also… You still get that strange mouse sensitivity is different for the first 5 seconds of gameplay before it equals out. I can assure you that many gamers biggest furstration with unreal engine games has always been the feeling of mouse input. (as a developer I am sure you most likely notice this also) I just think its a real shame.

Maybe its the number of input checks you do per second or how you do them… It just feels “off” I will look towards making a video of what I mean in the near future.