Raven Shield Model Creation

Hello all,

Since there is no longer an active Raven Shield community forum, I thought I would post here. I would like to finish my custom map for the game, it is a remake of Operation Sun Devil from the first Rainbow Six game. The map layout is done, I have custom textures, and the mission is functional. My only problem is that I do not have much furniture in the map!

Would anyone here be willing to help me create some furniture for this map? I have found a few things on free 3d model sites, but there are some things that do simply do not have a close enough match.

Below is a video of a really old build of the map. The video quality is quite poor too, it was just intended to show the accuracy of the house layout that was done at that time.
Any help with furniture models would be great, as I am not the best modeler. I will provide anyone who assists me with photos of what I need too.

Thanks for reading!

Welcome to the forums.

I believe you are making this with Raven Shield’s modding tools or UDK? If that’s the case you’ll need to head over to UDK forums. If you are making it in UE4 then dont forget to put paid or non-paid to the title of the thread.


Join us at Discord #r6modding channel. We are making new maps and models all the time now.
Also for Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield even old Rogue Spear maps

Are you creating this using UE4?
If not, yeah, should be elsewhere.