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Modular Footbridge Set 3 is now release on marketplace!

Modular Footbridge Set 3 in Props - UE Marketplace

Futuristic/Scifi Street and Road Props is now release on marketplace!

Futuristic/ Scifi Street and Road Props in Props - UE Marketplace
**Latest Release

Marketplace Asset:
Modular Footbridge Set 3

Futuristic/Scifi Street and Road Props

Modular Battle Arena

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Free update for the marketplace assets- Modular Footbridge Set 1.1 Color Variation Update now live on marketplace

**Modular Footbridge Set in Props - UE Marketplace](Modular Footbridge Set in Props - UE Marketplace)


Another top quality assets has been release on marketplace, presenting Modular Footbridge Set 2:

Kindly follow the link to the store:** Modular Footbridge Set 2 in Props - UE Marketplace


A high quality assets: “Modular Battle Arena” just release on the marketplace, follow the link to take a look :slight_smile:


Decide to post what I currently work on for the next marketplace assets, the first assets highpoly is done, currently moving to low poly assets

below is few of the screenshot of the Highpoly Solar power Street Lamp assets

Small update of the assets, WIP of the clean version base of the solar panel lamp post

today was focus on more making the main material more similar to painted metal, emissive for the some part of the body and adding more decal on the texture,
tomorrow will finish the emissive texture for whole model, then add a little bit of dirt,damage to the finish the clean version, then move on to dirty version of the mesh

Clean version of the street lamp post is done, here is the few screenshot of it, gonna move on to the animation then goes to the dirty version of the mesh

Night time

Day time

This few day was busy and working of the dirt version of the solar lamp post, and create a open/ close animation for it. Will move to more another asset next

Animation for open/ close in gif file

Dirt version, not that dirty but add some wear and tear to make it more detail

Clean and Dirt comparison:

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Finish highpoly of the Solar Powered Electric Vehicles Charging station, it will a very detailed game assets. Gonna retopo it to low poly next

Just finish the low poly and bake the highpoly into the mesh

Currently working on the clean version of the texture- Charge N Go Electric Vehicles Charging Station.

Just finish the Charge N Go electric vehicles charging station clean version, will move to dirt version next

Finish the dirt version of Charge N Go EV charging station, moving to next props next

Making the highpoly version of the Container, still left the interior, mechanic door and the side panel to be done. It will be 3 version of the container: 10 foot(3meter) 20 Foot (6 Meter) and 40 foor(12 meter) version of the container. This container also Solar Powered

Small update, highpoly of the container is done, including interior of the container, moving to low poly next

Finish the low poly version of the Container and baked the high poly into it, this container come with 3 size- 10foot, 20 foot and 30 foot, Including interior

Update: WIP of the container clean texture,

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