Ratings, Feedback and Documentation

In the Marketplace, I think there are a couple of things that we could use:

  1. A rating for an asset, only available to the people who purchased the asset. (0-10) or 1-5 Stars.

  2. A comment, where you can say what you did / didn’t like about the asset.

  3. A standardized features / symbols below the asset. Like work on PC / Mac / Linux / Android / iOS etc. Has 200 Assets, 100 Static Meshes, 100 Audio Assets etc…

  4. And a section where you can either before or after purchase depending on the author’s preference when selling things, check out the Documentation to see how something is integrated, as a plugin / blueprint / code. And weather that works with his / her preferences for that project. As well as reference on how to “Work” an asset, where I then don’t have to weed though folders to figure out where the PDF went.

We’re working on support for ratings and comments right now, and hope to surface some bits of this over the next few weeks. Exposing more precisely what is in the marketplace item is on our wish list too but is further off. Stay tuned!