Rating system inside the market place

This might of been mentioned, but I would love to see a rating system that is inside of the market place. Possibly a comments option as well. Something similar to what amazon does, so people who own this give it a 4 star rating and here is what they say about it.

So far all the assets are good, some are stellar, and a few are good but have a more specific fit. Getting a community perspective could be very helpful on increasing the sales of asset packs. For example I just got the ancient world, it’s a great pack for it’s price, totally worth every penny, but it’s also a 80% quality pack to say, meaning it’s got some assets that are good but not great. I give it a 4 out of 5 though, and anyone needing to build a ruins area should pick it up for filler assets or great place holders or even production assets. Would I get it if I want AAA quality assets maybe not.

That right there would help people on the edge decide if they want a pack or not. More so than some screen shots or youtube video, will also help prevent buyers remorse. I’ve been juggling on getting a few other packs but not really sure if I want them for the money deals, kind of want to know what others think. Sure I could leave market place come to the forums, search for information about the pack, etc. But feel it would be more complete if it was just streamlined into the market place.

I know it’s a double edge sword but I think overall it would help boosts sales, cause people that are on the edge might read, great pack assets are really done well. and that would make me be like you know what ok i’ll bite the bullet, and bam a sale. It also would has some damage control aspects in regards to those um yeah don’t get this back cause it’s really not good at all deals. Not that we have any yet, but as the market looks to grow.

I agree completely. But I think that we need more than just a rating system, and I think something is in the works.
There is no way Epic intend to just leave it like this. We need a proper site, not a launcher, with more or less all the features of similar sites.
I’d say do something like the nexus mods site but make it look a bit more professional. Needs rating, comments, proper information on engine version and a gallery where you can add as much pictures as you want and videos.
Also force proper descriptions and technical information, like poly count for models and texture resolution, how they thought it was a good idea to leave that out is beyond me.

Feedback/comments would be appreciated. For one’s who purchased and one’s who not - separately (for questions about content).