Rate: $200-300 Daily - Need Blueprint maker - OPEN WORLD DIABLO STYLE GAME

I am looking for a talented person that can create what I assign for an action MMORPG project similar to diablo 3 loot/stats/skills but 3rd person open world pvp, and world bosses
All assets like animation will be provided to you. Just need core game blueprints etc created
1: make character double tap button wasd to dodge left and right etc
2: make character double jump
3: assign our already created stats and leveling system to game similar to how diablo is
4: apply different skyboxes for different zones on the map
5: apply our spells like fireballs and lightning bolts into an attack that can be shot at players and dodged
6: create blueprints etc and apply our sword fighting animations to character
7: apply a timer so once an hour the map lighting changes and an intense storm happens where lighting and tornados can damage players (tornado and lightning assets are ready)
8: loot system so when you kill an AI, they drop gold, armor, weapons, similar to diablo3

those are examples of assignments you will get daily.
you will bring your computer to the office DTLA for 8hr work day, and create. I will tell you what I need done each day. after we build a relationship and you understand the direction of the game, you can work from home, and communicate throughout the day with me via text or skype

part owner of the game will be on the table.

you can be paid cash daily, btc, or daily via paypal

I would be interested in helping, but I live in Idaho, is there anything we could work out?

Hi, can we talk directly? drop me an email @
or Skype live:m.poliakov_1

I would like to help , here my skills