Rapidly generating high level floor sections for an endless runner

Hi - I did this set of tutorials to create an endless runner game:

There are several low-poly floor sections that are randomly spawned as the player moves forward.
I was wondering if a similar game could be created that would generate more detailed floor sections such as the ones in this link below:

Would this crash the engine or would Unreal be able to cope with the rapid generation of high detailed segments ?

Just try it :slight_smile:
Even if so, you could still generate a stretch of sections and move it underneath the player (the player tands still in word space).
The pieces that “disappear” behind are then moved to the front. So he is running over the same, rather small, numbers of segments over and over.
Like in the case with running upward a downward escalator, you can do it endlessly with just a few actors.

The trick is: Move them. Dont destroy and spawn them.
And that, younger generation, is how we handled sprites in the days of a C64 :cool:

I see no reason it would crash. It’s probably no different from creating low poly floor sections. It’s all just a bunch of static mesh components and lights and other things as far as the engine is concerned.

Many of us are aware of such tricks :wink:

Thanks - I’ll give it a go