Rapid Packer Textures Packing Tool

Fast, smart and easy to use selection based textures packing, repacking and generation tool. Editor tool, no need to drop into scene.

Available: Marketplace

Showcase Video:

Currently you can use Rapid Packer to:

  • Pack textures into RGBA (or single channel etc.)
  • Repack single texture (swap channels information)
  • Generate Normal map based on up to 4 source inputs
  • Combine Normal map with extra textures
  • Add Alpha to the Albedo
  • Export PNG texture to the local disk
  • Invert channels

Tool works as an editor utility, which means you don’t need to drop anything to the scene to start using it.

No need to drag and drop anything or import, selected textures in Content Browser added automatically to the channels based on selection order (1+2+3+4 = 1R+2G+3B+4A).

Different options and buttons appear based on selected mode, so no need to worry about what to click when (less confusion, faster work).

Automatic output to the same folder where textures were selected to speed up the process.

Simple information window showing which selected texture assigned to which channel.

Large preview window showing what the final result would look like and 4 small windows for each channel, working as grayscale.

Make sure to turn on in Plugins: Editor Scripting Utilities

Documentation: Link