Rapid Fire Projectile

Hey you lot!

Got an issue with figuring out how to set rapid fire on a projectile. This trick being that I have 3 blueprints.

1 for the projectile
1 for the firing (spawning) of said projectile (on my controller BP)
1 for the rapid fire power up

I want it so when I activate the pick my weapon is rapid fire for a short while. Now I can figure out the delays and setting the conditions and branches to make the powerup function, but I can’t for the life of my find a way in the controller BP to make the weapon seem rapid fire, I’m using a gamepad right trigger pressed and released node to execute the event of firing.

Any assistance would be swell! Cookies for the correct answer

Your fellow dev


After reading your post I’m not sure what exactly it is that you have a problem with, you might wanna rephrase that part, or possibly explain more.

Essentially, the BP controller has the function that fires the projectile. I want that to be rapid fire rather than just spawn one projectile when pressed, so essentially hold it down and fire until released

There’s half a dozen ways to go at this, and I can’t be much specific before seeing your setup so far. But I would go at it like this:

Use both pressed and released output of the input event to flip/flop a boolean. Then on the A output, link to a SetTimer node with the function to spawn a single projectile. and link the B output to a ClearTimer for the same function. And don’t forget to set the bLoop input of the SetTimer to true, so it keeps spawning with the specified interval.