*Rant* Vlad Serbanescu Uworks Creator Toxic to UE4 Marketplace

As I am sure many of you know this man acts like an entitled child and argues with his customers, calls them slanderers and so on when they want support for a product they paid for etc. He likes to make false claims against other creators for “stealing his work” which let’s be honest it’s just a basic wrapper for steamworks which is fully documented by valve to make it super easy to port to any game engine of your choice so it’s not like he did anything special to begin with but that is besides the point.

The Myth The Legend Vlad wants to act very unprofessionally on a consistent basis and proceeds to undercut competition and slander them and when that doesn’t work he goes free on the marketplace just to troll and insult the marketplace team to which we should all owe a debt of gratitude especially if we are publishing our products to the marketplace cause it’s the work they do that allows people like him to make a lot of money.

Instead of being professional and spending time making tutorials or providing support for his product he gets upset with customers who ask him for support and responds very abusively instead of maturely and professionally. Then he wants to just complain and act a child that his work is being pirated instead of improving his work with updates and giving tutorials/support to his existing customers. He blames everyone else for why his product isn’t doing as well as it could of and instead of putting in work to build a community that wants to support him he pushes them away with his attitude.

I personally believe that he should be banned off of epic marketplace and blacklisted for his behavior as it shows his true nature and that he brings nothing good to the marketplace, just his childish behavior and toxicity that we don’t need here. Customers deserve to be respected by the creators and not belittled or him making false claims that they want him to make their games for them etc when all they want is basic examples or explanations on how to use his product in their game because let’s be honest anyone paying someone for a wrapper to an public SDK like steamworks doesn’t know how to do any of that themselves otherwise they would. They pay for such a product for ease of use and so as to not have to do any real work with implementing steam to their games which is what he was trying to sell and is upset people don’t automatically know how to use his product instead of just providing them with more clear examples on how to use it or implement it he berates them and honestly if I was a customer of his I’d demand a refund cause I wouldn’t give my money to someone with his mentality. I understand being frustrated but when you sell a product you are supposed to remain professional and provide your customers with support which he is incapable of doing as proven via his history.

Honestly there are a lot of good creators on this platform but there are some toxic ones like him and I believe they should be banned off the platform cause if they don’t treat their customers with minimal respect and behave professionally they don’t deserve to be on a platform like this making the kind of money they make off epic games marketing their game for them. He’s talking a lot of **** on facebook and his discord about epic games and his customers in general and it’s just disgusting to see.