Ranged fire goes over target AI's head - Top Down Game

I am firing at some of my AI creeps that are short, and the bullets are going over their heads. Any thoughts on how to target them so the bullets make contact, other than making the capsule taller? Also I think it would be useful for a Tall boss, to shoot him in the chest, not the knee. Was trying to figure out a way to target spine_01 but having no luck.

Thanks in advance, Happy Holidays!

just put a scene component in that is the target and use that for the target location.

I give that a shot! Thanks James…

Or you can do more than one trace. If default height trace does not find target do same but lower endpoint by 20 units or so.

Thinking of it you could mix James idea with mine. Use tall component (same height for every enemy) to find if there is enemy. Then trace down from maximum possible height to some height that all possible enemies should be hit.This way you should find hit location for all your enemy pawns. Add to this some random variation and use that as hit location for visuals.

I have similar system in my prototype of top down shooter, but I am not yet at point where i need different enemy pawns. However i check if mouse trace under cursor hit floor or something above, and i cheat a bit with hit location to make better visuals.