Randomly select multiple objects

In my game, as a chance to get extra currency the player can go up to triggers. Around my map I have 5 triggers around the map. I want only 3 of the 5 triggers to be active each round. I want to somehow select randomly 3 of these 5 triggers per round. So in essence, my question is: how do you select 3 objects out of 5.

Thank you in advance!

Put all them them in array variable, shuffle that array, read first 3 items of array and activate what you need

Thanks for the reply. Im really new to UE4 so struggling to carry this out. Even though your solution sounds great! Just don’t know how to wire it up. Just to get the blue print right i’ve set up 5 cubes, and want 2 of them to randomly destory when i press ‘f’. This is all I have so far, and its not working at all.