Randomly generating Scenery?

Is it possible to randomly generate scenery like In Arena, Daggerfall? Not asking how to do it now but, may become interested in such a technique at a later time.

Can you not just use Foliage for that? Foliage Tool | Unreal Engine Documentation

I myself am procedurally generating levels if that’s what you’re asking. There are a few other games doing other techniques for procedural level generation. You definitely can’t use any static baked info like light maps or reflections though. Basically anything computed during the build step.

Some people do grid based layouts. I place areas relative to each other’s entrances. It took me about 6 months to write what I have now and I’m satisfied with it. It’s all in C++. I can’t imagine handling that kind of complexity in blueprint 80

Thanks, procedurally generating maps is what I meant to say. All I want is something like in The Elder Scrolls Arena or Daggerfall. Outside levels that are procedurally generated when the game is started and stay the same for that game.
I was really just seeing if this is even possible. Mabye a Arena remake can be possible? Maybe it’s possible in Blueprint? probably not though.

It’s all possible.

Another guy did some procedurally generated stuff in blueprint. IMO the BP was quite the mess heh…

If doing single player game it should be doable to do even large complex worlds. I was thinking about saving the map state for generated areas. This works just fine for single player only games.

I decided to try to make my game possible in coop and competitive play so I had to drop some ideas about making a massive world because it sounds pretty complicated in the current state of UE4. I instead have players that are joining the match receive the random map seed upon joining and generate it locally. I had to override GameMode and PlayerController to have some additional map loading states in between matches being ready, etc…