Randomly generate objects on a map

I’m currently working on a 3d mobile version of a “Doodle jump”]( game that involves the player continuously climbing up a vertical map. I’m wondering if anyone has any advice (or links to resources) that could help me learn a good way to go about the random generation of the platforms(and other objects), opposed to having an extremely large(height) map and manually placing each platform, pickup, and enemy along the way.

Any other general advice regarding development on 3D mobile(iOs & Android) would be appreciated as well.


Edit: When I said “3D”, I should have clarified that the gameplay would still be restricted by the X axis like 2D platformers.

If i understood you right, you are not asking for an algorithm to generate levels that have expected diffuculty/always passable(it’s pretty hard problem in fact). In your case you need to pack pickups/platforms to blueprints(classes),then you should just use “spawn actor from blueprint” blueprint command, choose blueprint you created as class and use “spawn transformation” node to show place for it.

Hmm, that might actually be what I’m asking =/ I would want the platform placements(and other objects) generated in a way that the player could always win (and decrease the # of platforms, increase # of enemies, or increase the distance of platforms to increase the “Difficulty” of the game).

I’m still learning UE4, but I think a decent comparison of what I’m looking for is how the “foliage” tool works, but with blueprints instead of meshes (and restricted to an X axis, within a Y range).

Thanks for the help!