Randomized generation of handmade rooms

Hello group!

I’m currently trying to find the best way to create a system that will let me place in the world rooms that has been handcrafted based on a controlled flow and then connect them with procedural corridors so the sizes of the rooms would matter so much.

What is the most important to me is to have full control over the flow and pace based on tags I would define on each rooms (example: combat room, boss room, puzzle room, etc).

Does any of you have idea on how to approach the subject? How would you approach it?

Thank you!


Are these rooms setup in blueprints? If true, you could make some logic checking for things like type of room, what type was previously spawned… getting the vector and length, then spawning the next room bp.

Yes I want them to be spawned by blueprint so I can make my algorythm logic on blueprint. My question is more on how would you start? Thank you