Randomized Dungeons!

Hey guys,

Based on UE4 procedural room tutorial I am currently making Randomly generated dungeons.

I’ve made a lot of improvements. Moving logic from GameMode to actor, changing casting problems and switching to interfaces, fixing problems with corridors going through other rooms, fixing problems with nearest rooms - I remember in AABB all connections to other rooms so I can go backwards and find nearest room and fix that original problem. I added three-tier floors and staircases inside corridors. I’ve simplified logic adding many macros and new functions. Finally I have improved performance. I also had a lot of calculations. For instance I compute staircase angle from arcus tangens.

Some screenshots:

Please share Your opinions about my work!

Very nice! Bookmarking this.

Cool, would like to see how this looks in ThirdPerson perspective.

I have uploaded movie from gameplay (3rd person perspective):