Randomized creature spawn

Hello, I am new to using Unreal Engine 4 and am developing a horror game as a hobby. Sorry for not posting this in the right place as this is my first time asking on this forum. I am wanting to add an element for my main menu screen that when the lights are blinking, a different monster will spawn in underneath it. I have one model that is able to spawn in that interval where the light blinks and I was wondering how do I generate 2 other models that will be randomly selected to appear underneath the flashing lights. Thanks in advance!


You’re not getting answers for 2 reasons:

  • the question is still somewhat vague despite the valiant effort to describe it!
  • randomisation like this is easy to find and has been covered too many times.

For example:

or, if the monsters are of the same class, and all that’s needed is swapping out their static meshes:

And there sure is a dozen or so other methods, some better than others but all depend on the details, scope, existing script. But perhaps this gets you started.

3rd reason

Or no one cares :expressionless:

Next time consider attaching a screenshot showing how the monster is being spawned atm. This way we can suggest something that fits right into the setup you already have. Otherwise we must guess how you could be doing things and can merely suggest something disappointingly generic, as above.

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I appreciate the tips! Thanks for letting me know. Next time I will be more detailed with my question with screenshots of what I’m tackling with.

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