Randomize base texture by choosing one from multiple textures on single material

Hi. As the title suggests, is it possible to create a single material that randomizes the base texture by choosing one from a selection of several or multiple textures?

It is suggested in here How to create a random texture on spawn in world - Asset Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums to use a blueprint but if possible I do not want to do this as I will be using this material on multiple actors, not just one. I don’t want to create a blueprint every time I do this for an actor. I’m doing this for walls and floors mostly.

Texture randomization like it is shown in this video: Half-Life - Random Tiling Textures - YouTube

Thank you.

Hi, you can create a base class for actors with changeable textures, or you can create an interface.

I see, thank you. I’ll research on this and post any results. When you mean interface, you mean blueprint interfaces right? Sorry, I’m still new at UE4.

Still though, is it not possible to do it all inside the material asset when creating the material itself? Seems like it would be an easy thing to do.