random wall selection and spawning


i am trying to have the lvl blueprint select 1 out of 5 different wall types and have it then spawn it at one of the spawn locations. then repeat until all span locations have a wall in it. so basically have 19 locations and 5 walls types randomly selected to be spawned at the locations to make the map unique each play though. i have managed to get it to spawn one wall type at one location but cant seem to figure out how to make it look to fill all locations.

any help would be much appreshiated. image of current spawning system bellow

Make BLUEPRINT that can spawn random wall at its own location. Make that blueprint so it spawns wall from CONSTRUCTION script.

Then spawn that blueprint in all locations you want.

PS. will make picture with second way shortly, that may be closer to what you want.

First, simplest method:

This is more like you want (i think):

Second picture spawns single wall mesh, in radius around some relative location to blueprint actor.
When you have this actor, all you need to do is spawn 19 of them, they will spwn walls.
You also can modify this actor to spawn more walls, just add array of vectors, and use for each for all those vectors.
But then you basically get what is done on first picture, just with bit more customization.