Random VS Turbulence

Hi everybody,

i`m looking for a way to “turbulice” values within blueprint rather than randomize them.
to illustrate what i mean i attached a pic

left we see a randomize, were the values change unpredictable from frame to frame. an option we have in blueprint.
at the right we see the desired turbulence or noise behaviour of values. is this something we can do already?
if not, its a must have feature in my opinion, as it is super versatile and mighty :slight_smile:

You can offset an objects, resize it or animate it’s vertex through a material, I am sure if a material is set up correctly you can expose the control value to BP and animate it from there. You can even affect an object by a certain “entity / actor” location to the “material - object” so for example the closer the “entity / actor” to the object is the smaller, bigger etc it can have.

Thanks for the hint DieByZero! so u say i could use an animated fractal or noise pattern on a material, to drive values within blueprint. that is a nice idea. on the other hand is the feature to turbulice values so useful, that you should not need to create a material every time you want to use it. i work with softimage ICE constantly, which is in many regards very similar to blueprint. the option to turbulize values is something that is use all the time, because it is so powerful. for example you have a spaceship and you want it to rumble and shake after a rocket has hit it. just turbulize its position and you got some nice shaky movement, that never is the same. or you want a flickering campfire. just turbulize the color values and your fire will flicker in a natural way, raher then randomized, where values change from tick to tick drastically.

If you want 1 whole object to do that then you would have to do it in BP only or code, Take it’s current possition and offset it back and forth a bit and there you go, However if you wish to do it on a FP or TP for players own ship i would focus on the camera only instead of going that deep into it.