Random Variables affect every Blueprint. How to make them random per BP instance?

Hi all,

So, I’ve built a blueprint for some spotlights in my game and have successfully assigned the flicker functionality, however, if I assign it to more than one light they all flicker at the exact same time. I’ve been researching a bunch of different recommendations on how to generate random numbers, however, even when this is successful (shown through a “print string” command) the information is fired off to every light in the game using the same information. As such, when they flicker, they all flicker the same.

While I could assign an integer variable to each blueprint and build in a branch that would take each integer down a different timeline, this would make assigning the lighting a tedious task as it would have to be manually assigned for each and every light.

Is there a way to make each instance of the blueprint behave differently/separately from others, so that if I had three of the same blueprint in the area, each one would flicker at a different rate? I originally had a random integer generate a number between 1 and 5, and had created five different timelines, but when it selects the random number, it sends the same timeline to every blueprint.

I appreciate any ideas you may have!

Thanks again!

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