Random Text and Password


I need help creating a “password” that will be different every time you turn on the game. Let’s say I have a Text Variable with Array. The text or “password” already has the ability to have a random value and I did it like this:

Is it possible to make the text that is selected, for example, 23
is the “password” that I enter in another Widget in Editable Text?

Forgive me if you did not understand something, if something is not clear I will try to explain in another way

I am assuming that you have 2 different widgets. The first generates the “random” password and the second widget has a editable text that checks that you to enter in the same password?

If this is correct, then you will just need to store the password somewhere that is persistent for your game (playerCharacter, GameInstance etc). Once stored, you then can retrieve this password to check against your editable text.

For example, here I store the password in my game instance.

Then when someone commits changes to the editable text widget, I check against the password from the game instance:

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Thank you so much it helped