Random Sunday Night Madness

So, you know the Vehicle Game (VG)

vehical game.jpg&stc=1

And then there’s that great Landscape Mountains (LM)


You already know where I’m going with this dont you?

Yes, I want to drive my Buggy around the mountains :slight_smile:


This is way beyond my skill level.
I got as far as migrating the vehicle folder and the UI folder from the VG to the LM project,
but then I’m way lost, I know it will have something to do with blueprints, and disabling the hang glider and spawning the vehicle,
But I realise I don’t know enough, about game types or controls or even if this is possible…

So I just put the mesh in to take a picture instead.

Is it possible to drive round a little in this LM, or failing that I’d settle for walking around.

You can do that,you need to make new game mode and assign pawn of the vehicle to the game mode after you do that go to world setting and set your game mode.And I think you need to new axis maping.I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Go the other way around.

Create a Vehicle game project and migrate the landscape level.


Use the game typeover ride in the world setting to use the Vehicle game type.

Just as a random Sunday kind of thing :wink:

P.S. Be nice if a project can also be added to a project instead of being created.

Noooo, not fair, I wanted to be doing that… :slight_smile:

I almost spilt my tea, when you kept crashing into the bridge.

Seriously though, thanks for the advice,

I’ll give it a go as soon as I get some more free time.