Random Streaks In Mesh.

I Googled around a little and found the problem where the streaks are slivers (I’ve had this problem), but this one is a little different. The streaks are large, but there’s only 3 of them on each side. Is this a lighting issue or something to do with creating a circular object?

This is something that shows up fine when I’m creating it in Unreal Engine 4, but when I convert it to a mesh in UE4 it has these odd streaks in it. Am I converting it wrong?

It’s a smoothing issue, either adjust your smoothing in your 3D program, or adjust the smoothing setting for that mesh in UE4.

Do you happen to know where the smoothing setting is in Unreal Engine 4? I can’t seem to find it.

I haven’t tried using a 3D program yet. I make them in BSP (I think it’s called and turn them into static meshes).

-I would recommend you to export the mesh into blender/3ds max/… and then just add a smoothing group to it
-do you get any warnings when you build the light?

No importance lightning volume found.

I do have problems when I export it then import it from UE4 to UE4 in regards to the smoothing issue. Trying to just figure out how to import it into Blender at this time. Just trying to figure out how to get it to show up on the screen. It shows up
in the sidebar then I’ll be able to just watch a tutorial at that point.

Ok, that shouldn’t cause your problem, but just add one from the volume tab (just to go sure) :slight_smile:

Weird. It looks like there are overlapping triangles or something. Can you upload an obj or fbx of the mesh?

I have it ready to upload only problem is where would you upload an .fbx file?

Use gdrive or dropbox :slight_smile:


  1. Streaks
  2. Small streaks on inside circle of the floor (believe it’s the same problem as the balcony)
  3. Odd light change on the top side (which might load as bottom side) - looks like a triangle.

Figure it’s probably better to build smaller at this point due to these problems, but you can figure out how to fix these that would be great to. Thanks.

Ok, when I’m back at home I will take a look at it :slight_smile:

Hi Wick,

After seeing the model it was very clear where the errors were being generated.

The issue you’re seeing with your model is that it’s got a lot of Ngons (any polygon with more than 4 sides). This can definitely cause the types of issues you’re seeing.


You would really need to grab the edges of the circles and cut the edges in to get a better result.

This is a simple mesh with a hole in the floor with the edges cut to meet at the corners.


Here is a link to the file I created if you need/want to take a look.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!


What do you mean by cut the edges in? I see that it appears the edges extend to the corners, but how would you go about actually cutting it?

I use the cut tool within 3Ds Max to cut a line in the polygon from one vert on the circle cut in the floor to another vert (in this instance it happens to be a corner.) This allows me to control how my mesh is handled without UE4 having to triangulate it for me, which is why you were getting the “streaks” that were really UE4 having to connect geometry since Ngons are not good.