Random Stop error {video}

hello everyone, as i move around my map it after going a short ish distance from start area it just stops.
also in this level only BP Code is posses player and code for player/widgets

on my other level it shows how far you can go before same thing happens, mountains represents bounds, as in how far i can go before it happens

what should i do ?

Hi Mulldoon,

It looks like character is being destroyed, but Play is still running? You can eject and look in World Outliner to see if there’s still an instance of character. If not, it’s likely that you have an Initial Life Span set for character, and it’s simply destroying itself after a set amount of time. Check this post’s answer and see if it helps:

OKay it turns out that it is getting destroyed but it only happens when if i go past a certain point on map. ie i could move around in circles at start point but if i go a certain distance it destroys.

There is a health VAR But its not doing anything yet, would player BPS Help at all

That sounds like a KillZ problem, then. world in UE4 has a finite amount of space a character can live in. In cases where a character is moving at a high enough speed, this bound will be reached much faster. To test this, on Tick in your character Blueprint, Get Actor Location > Print String. When it’s destroyed, either X or Y value will probably be near max of 1048534.0

For this type of game, you’ll probably want to look into World Composition to create much larger worlds through Level Streaming. There’s some documentation on system here:

Hope that helps!