Random Sphere during possessing Actor


I create a character and use a Player Controller to possess it with theirs instructions :

        AAGCharacter* newCharacter = world->SpawnActor<AAGCharacter>(characterBP, FVector(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f), FRotator(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f));

The character didn’t have anything except member variables from mother class ACharacter

When I launch I have this strange sphere appears. This sphere have physics so it’s can block any pawns


I don’t know where this sphere came from but I notice some details:

  • This sphere only appears if the player controller possess a pawn. If not just generate the pawn without possession this sphere didn"t appears
  • If I choose from the editor "Play from Here " + possession , this sphere doesn’t appears. So there is something different If I choose play from editor and “play from here”


Hi NicolasB,
I think is the sphere from the default pawn when you change for yours, it happened to me as well, but not sure if is your case, check the outliner

Hi ZkarmaKun

You mean the default pawn for the player controller ? Because indeed the player controller didn’t have any member… That can be the reason.

By the outliner, you mean the log message ?


Hi, no I meant the real outliner window, select that sphere and see what is it, while PIE you can press F8 and detach any pawn and you’ll be able to select objects in the scene


Thanks I didn’t know for F8,

Indeed it"s a default pawn, why it’s instantiate a default when I switch to another pawn ? Can I disable that ?


Find how I just need to select “none” for the default pawn

Thanks ZKarmaKun !!