Random spawning enemy with constant speed (3d sidescroller)

I am working on an enemy (a typical bat enemy, thats spawns outside the screen and flies in and gets “destroyed” a bit outside the screen on the other side.

I am using this blueprint to make it move in a direction, but its realy not working for me, it wont go in the direction i tell it to, and if i do anything to the mesh it gets all screwy. Is there a more reliable way of doing this? and to add a “wave” pattern while it flies across the screen?

This is the blueprint i got up to now:

bonus Q, is there an easy way to animate pre made animation patterns for enemies (Hawk that flies down in a spesfic arc, before it goes back up, looking for player, when found goes back into the attack animation? Know about nav mesh, but all the examples ive found are for bipeds on ground, would this work with “airborne” enemies too?

For movement you can use this

Thank you, this works and are a whole lot easier to keep in order