Random Sounds

Hey everyone. I’m trying to have my space ship give off a different sound each time it fires. I tried looking it up on the forums but didn’t find much. I think I almost have it but some help would be nice. I’m completely new to Blueprints, so sorry :p.

Your help is appreciated!

an easy system is to use a “random int” and a “switch on int” on your event.

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You could directly do that in your sound cue -> just add a random node and connect several sounds to it. Now everytime when you “fire” the sound, it will play a different one :slight_smile:

Ah! Thank you so much for the feedback and screenshot. I will try that when I get the chance.

fighter5347 gave a pretty good solution. But I’ll try that too. Doesn’t hurt to learn about multiple options.
Thank you for your help.

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