Random slowness

I’m getting random slowness, low frame rates and stuttering in the UE4.19.1 editor. It will happen randomly, but the whole editor will slow to a crawl and then come back after some seconds and repeat at least 10 times an hour.
I’ve tried closing other apps to no avail.

I’ve ran diagnostics on my machine and cleaners to clean and close any background services that could slow performance.

Nothing has worked. I did NOT have this issue with 4.18.
Does anyone know of a solution to this?

My device:
Dell Inspiron 7567 laptop
Intel i5-7300HQ
Nvidia GTX 1050Ti


You might need to set the laptop to only use the Nvidia graphics card, Windows isn’t very good at choosing which card to use and even if you tell it to use the Nvidia card for UE4 it doesn’t work quite right.

That’s a good idea. I’ll try it and update results

This is happening to me too! I have been using ue4 for years and this behavior is definitely a bug. I thought it might be related to auto save, but the notification isn’t showing beforehand so I don’t think so.

I checked my Nvidia settings, and it was defaulted go GFX card. I even tried resetting to gfx and saving. Same low frame rate issue.

If the issue isn’t present in previous versions then that in and of itself rules out your machine. I’ve been hearing quite a few complaints about 4.19, which is why I’ve yet to upgrade any of my personal projects to it or use it as a base for future products. Hopefully Epic resolves it in an update.

I’ve reverted to 4.18, but my maps are broken, which was ok for me since my maps were still alpha.
However, any BP on the level has been deleted; not even in my contents browser, like my main character.
This is a warning about reverting to previous versions of UE4.