Random RTS Map Generation from Presets

Hey everyone,

I am in the process of designing an “Old West” RTS, and I intend to include an in-game editor similar to that of AoE2. Something that players can use to build maps and place down game assets to create their own maps if they wish.
However, both for the purpose of the editor and for multiplayer gameplay, I wish to also include something which generates a map based on pre-defined presets and size settings, such as “High Seirras” or “West Texas.” Again, this would be similar to the terrain presets one can choose in AoE2 such as Black Forest, which gives you different variants of the same style map. Are there any tutorials or documents that could help with designing such a system?
Thanks ahead of time for anyone’s help!

Mate… look up for “dungeon architect” plugin. And there is a grid flow planner. it allows to basically build up a volume with valid navigation accordingly to preset theme with a random seed. with changing seed you can remake same map, or build a new one. And its lightweight.

Hey there AngelV,
Thanks! I’ll look that up.