Random Rotation Smooth

So I was trying to make a random rotation for an IA, but with a smooth. Right now I have a random rotation but when it changes it snaps and I want to avoid it.

Anyone can help me?



I think you can give InterpTo() a chance.

Some tutorial:


It works ! But it goes a little bit fast. Could it be because of my Timeline? Also sometimes it rotates a lot!

I set my timeline to 2 seconds. Great thing is, you can also randomize the timeline, so you get a random angle and a random amount of time to get there…

Each time around, before the timeline, say:


Obviously you have to use your timeline component refernce ( I don’t know what you called your timeline ), and you have to tweak the numbers to get what you want…

PS: It’s better with a smooth timeline curve. You just right click and the points and choose ‘auto’:

Like this:

( I would upload a gif of it working, but the server’s a bit f**cked at the moment ).