Random Question, What are the in Engine Camera speeds?

Hola Amigos,

Right proper random one. When your in editor you can change the camera movement speed for flying around your environment in the top right of the real time view port from between 1-8. Im working on massive environments and even at setting 8 (highest camera movement speed within the view port) it takes a while to get from one side to the other.

At setting 8 that must equate to thousands of miles an hour? But how do we know what each setting is in real MPH? it would help me a lot to know what setting 8 equals to MPH to visualise in my grey matter how flight based systems will need to be tweaked for motion blur and LOD, Texture streaming requirements. Any ideas?



Spectator pawn’s speed is the same as editor camera speed 4 i think, and spectator pawn’s Max speed is 1200, which is 1200 units per second. So, you can go from there an calculate how fast 8X is, until someone who knows the answer chimes in.