Random Physics from Projectile

Alright, so let me explain whats going on. First the projectile is not set to simulate physics. It is set to generate hit events. My player actor is set to simulate physics, generate no hit events.

What’s the problem then? So, you can be hitting the actor with projectiles and the player actor doesn’t simulate when hit by it. That is how I want it. However, every once in a few projectiles causes the static mesh in the actor to simulate as if it got hit by it, but not the actor itself.

It also affects client-multiplayer play. Where on the client being hit by it randomly does the above. But the client that was shooting does not see this happen. And, when it does happen on the client that got hit, it somehow is pushing the static mesh in the actor out of relative position, rather than pushing the whole actor. And such, the static mesh is out of alignment with everything else such as weapons and projectile spawn points.