Random path

Hi, Im developing an application for mental health research, but i cant follow at this point:

I have to do a random path selection in the start menu:

get start button (or any key or input) -> ask to system for a random number from 0 to 9 -> If 0 go to stage A, if 1 go to stage B, If 2 go to stage C, … if 9 go to stage J.

So whrn the user press start, go to a random stage.

I think in put a timer, so if the player press start when the last number in the timer is 1 then go to stage B, was an alternative way to dont make a real random process.

BUT i dont know how to put any of that in blueprints. PLease someone can give me support in that.


Blueprint node Random Integer ] will give you a value between 0 and the max number you fill in( -1 since it’s zero indexed ) so in your case you would set max to 10 to get the range 0-9.

Thank you TheSpaceMan helps me a lot!!!