Random Object Size

Hi.I need to random object size.I have Random Float In Range my blueprint page but i can’t connect with breakvector x y or z.I am a newbie guys.I need your help.Sorry for my bad english.Have a good day.

You can right click pins and split them or make a vector.

How can i change my cube size ? Get World Scale ?

Set World Scale

Thx man.I will try but i can’t understand i hope i will find :slight_smile:

That’s why I attached a picture :slight_smile:

Is ıt true ?

Well, you’re scaling the ENTIRE actor randomly but setting the cube’s scale to 0 so it will be invisible.

What do you want to do?

I want random size in my cube.Think the jump game random size floor on map

So just plug the random nodes into the Set World Scale 3d

Can u send image pls ? I have bad eng m8

But there is an image already… I don’t understand. Remember that you need to connect the nodes to somerhing. They can’t just sit in the middle of nowhere.

Last one.I edit my blueprint page and this is not work.Can u look please.

Well, it’s not connected to anything… it does nothing, at the moment. The white execution wire has to be connected to something.


Have a look here: