Random Object Movement (around center)

I want to randomly move an object around its center (see example video) but I dont know how.

So I thought that working with sine, time and noise should be the right direction but I’m a bit lost right now :smiley:
I already have the elapsed time in ms since the object spawned but thats it.

I’m working with Blueprints.

It’s only moving on 2 axis. If you take the object’s original position ( here 0,0,0 ), and the always take a random unit vector from there, then just move to that point, and choose another vector. Etc.

Thanks for your answer. I already tried it that way but it wasn’t as smooth as in the video. I want this smooth movement that is not just a straight line from a to b.

Thats similar to what I have tried but as you can see the movement is just in straight lines. The movement in the example video is way more fluid.

I found a solution. Turns out that I only need the perlin noise function. I forgot to make it move around its local center but this should be easy. Its working here because the object is at the world center.

Well that looks nice…