random loot from enemy like a fountain

i begin to think about unreal can’t do all that u want.
the behavior of this engine it’s too strange, i want implement loot system like a fountain mode( item jump for a short range from one object ) and never work fine.
add impulse +make vector doing half animation(z axys ) plus another half animation (x+y axys)after the item drop down on the ground, for me it’s puzzling.
Any idea for spawn 3d item like a fountain?
next to this the forloop behavior changed itself: i launch game for 10-15 time, before spawn 5 items as it should(index 0-5) after is spawned only 2 item without changing nothing(exist only 2 item they are not one inside other).

sorry for the english language mystake

Any help will be appreciated

My friend hit a simular issue when procedurally creating spline meshes, garbage collection would not pick up empty components/actors until he reset his computer. It was messing with the arrays associated with tracking those components.