Random location in a grid

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create a small 3D game using UE 4.9. My question is about how to I create a random spawn location using a grid system. I created a blueprint that spawns cubes at random locations from the sky (I used a volume box for that). What it does, it uses random generated float numbers, but I want to use only some specific locations, for example I want to spawns the cubes at locations such as x=0, x=200, x=-200, x=400, x=800 but randomly.
To be more specific, “x” and “y” have to be random natural numbers that can be divided by 200 because the cube that is spawned at this locations has the x and y = 200 u.m. and I want this to fit in perfect on the grid.
Sorry about that, I just started learning UnrealEngine.

Thank you!

Use Randon in Range Node.

Can this be used in a volume blueprint and not in the level blueprint?

Can be used in any BluePrint.