Random level generator.

I’m working on a random level generator for a roguelike.

So far it can spawn different rooms(if I had them), different connectors between the rooms(if I had them) and various fun and exciting props(if I had those).

Next step is to make it so that it can spawn different dangerous enemies(if I had any) and cool effects in the rooms(I do have some of those).

Right now it is just random colored lights, random boring props… in one type of room, and one type of connector(if I’m not counting the blocking “connector”).

Due to a bug involving Instanced Static Meshes and rotation these meshes are not instanced but just Static Mesh Components, and so performance is lower than it should be. It’s not an issue really since I only have low poly meshes anyway. But… it should be changed.

Really Cool!
Iam looking forward to create something similar for a small Horror game i want to develop.

Thanks, it will get cooler.

oh your the one that made that video fun i liked it :slight_smile: sounds good keep up the good work. maybe consider releasing the blueprint or whatever to make the random level on the marketplace when it comes out? thatd be cool unless you dont want others to share in it :slight_smile: but the idea is nice!

Hi Rasped,

Nice Work! I wrote a couple of Dungeon Generators in UnrealScript. Looking forward to creating even more advanced Level Generators in UE4. I’m curious as to what technique you’re using.

Very nice Rasped. Is it all Blueprints or C++ or a combination of both?

Would be interesting to know how you are dealing with the lighting.

AFAK it’s not possible to have any reflections by using movable lights only.