Random lag on UE 4.18

Hello, I just updated to last UE4 version (4.18) and I’m having lags issues. The engine randomly go from 60 to 10-15 fps whatever I’m doing (viewport, material editor, blueprints). I checked the task manager, memory was like 60% and CPU like 15-20%. This is only happening on 4.18 and all other release are finely running on my computer.

Can confirm. Happening on UE 4.18.1 . Fps drops to 10 sometimes and there isn’t really a memory issue from what I can tell. It seems like UE4 forgot how to focus.

Edit: It was Geforce Experience’s fault. Uninstalled it and it worked fine for me.

I can confirm that it was an issue with the Geforce Experience in game overlay. There was an update released recently that I believe addresses it. I was experiencing exactly this issue and once I opened Geforce Experience, it updated and the issue stopped.

It seems that a good way to fix the issue is to clean the temporary files on Windows, it worked fine for me.

I can also confirm it. Just did the GeForce Experience update now (the hell i know why it didn’t do it by itself) and for now the random drops did not reoccur. Before i had it after around 5-10mins.