random integer variable

Hello, I have created a game of chance in ark, basically it is to obtain random numbers but the problem is that if there are several players in the area each player gets a different random value, someone knows how to unify these variables so that all players receive the Same random number?

What you need to do is make it so that only the server runs the randomizer and then gives that value to all clients. Make a custom event that gets triggered when you want to randomize, set it to Run on Server so that no clients run it and get a value, and tell your variable to Replicate. Then, on the node that updates your variable after randomizing, check Multicast so that the server will be the one sending its value to all clients. At this point, whenever a client or the server triggers that event, only the server will run it, and thus only the server will get a value which it then replicates to all clients.