Random Index Change


Im having a little problem, i was following this guide to add buttons dynamically to a scroll list:

Everything is fine with that guide, all works as expected, my problem is that the buttons switch positions in the list , i.e. if I want to have an order i just type “button 1, button 2, button3, etc” and at first it works, but later on when i hit play the order changes, like “button 3” goes first, instead of “button 1, button 2” inside the list, and i dont know why they are switching places.

The buttons still do their job, i mean, if i press “button 1” it does what i program to do and the same with all buttons.

It seems that unreal changes the index inside the array when i hit play later.

I know that is not a big problem, If i just dont type numbers or anything consecutive it doesnt matter, but still is annoying to me, an sometimes i really want to have a order.

Anyone has any idea how to solve this?

How do i tell unreal not to change index?

How to tell unreal that doesnt change the order of my buttons?