Random Image in Widget (HUD/MENU)

So im making a menu for my game, and i want at the bottom left a array of various images to appear, i searched it up and only got array tutorials, wich didnt help at all

I dont mind if you explain it with array’s but i’d really like to know how to do it, and i’d also prefer with images as im not really experienced, thanks!

you need to explain you issue in more detail. what it sounds like is that you want several images to appear in the corner of the screen in which case you just add multiple image objects to the widget. that seems overly simple so you issue must have more to it that probably seems obvious to you but to the rest of us if you dont explain it in detail we will have no idea.

An easy way to make newly added images push each other forward or add on to the end of a row is to add them to a Horizontal Box container widget with the Auto spacing rather than the Fill spacing option. Also how they displace each other or add onto the end can be controlled by setting the alignment to Left, Center, or Right.

To add an image widget you can use Create Widget node then use the output pin to set which image it is, which you can get from a Data Table or an Array.

No, its not just putting a bunch of images

Lets say you startup the game and the main menu loads, or you go back from the options menu and the main menu loads

Everytime the main menu loads a different picture will appear in the corner, completely random and non scripted, a luck game

I dont want to put a lot of images at once, but 1 image that appears randomly once a widget loads

Oh then just set the image widget as a variable and in the widget constructor (or if you just show/hide the widget instead of creating and destroying it, do this in the same function That Shows it), get a random int from range where the max is the length of the image array and set the image brush’ texture to that.