Random idle animation problem

Hi guys, i’m trying to add random animation to my character if he is not moving; i’m doing this with a blend pose by int. It works fine, but if i try to move with WASD while the random animation is playing (he looks around and stands) he doesn’t play the walk animation but he keeps look around him until this animation is over. I want to stop instantly the animation “look around” if i try to move and play the walk animation. How can i achieve this?

A few things that don’t look right.

1: the random function is going to generate a new value on the tick. If you want to use it to generate a different random animation you will need to nest it in a loop so that it only generates a new value based on a seeded value. put it in a loop that will generate a new value say every 30 seconds and you should have an easier time to get out of the loop.

2: Since you only have one loop as an idle you only need to set the event up to branch if speed = 0